We Can Use Your Own Familiar Backing Tracks

We fully understand that you probably want to improve the backing tracks you currently use. So if required, we can enhance those very tracks for you.

Alternatively, we can create the backing tracks for you.

Once you have your newly polished tracks, we are sure you’ll be eager to showcase your new professional sound to your audiences. We are sure this will result in repeated future bookings for you, so it's money well spent.

For a small price you can create the perfect sounding backing tracks for your performances. It’s surely worth it

We offer 2 main services.

Firstly we can use your current backing tracks and bring them up to broadcast standard ready for your live use.

Secondly, we can create brand new tracks for you.

£15-£20 backing track privided by yourself.
£25-£35 backing track provided by ourselves.

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